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One of the biggest misconceptions about sweating is that people believe that the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. If that was the case, people in the tropics should automatically burn more calories than people located far away from the equatorial line. Sweating does to directly relate to the number of calories one burns but is a mere systemic reaction to either the heat present outside or due to some physiological occurrence. That is not to say that sweating is not a sign of calories being burnt; let us explain.

When you indulge in physical activities of any form, the physical exercise will result in increased sweat formation to cool your body. But say you walk down the road with blistering heat around, and by the time you reach the office, your shirt is soaked in sweat. That doesn’t mean that your body burnt the same amount of calories as someone who ran for 30 minutes. The sweating is done so as to cool down the temperature on your skin and to keep the internal temperature regulated.


There are some people who suffer from certain diseases that increase sweating and either remain unfit or fat while people who are perfectly healthy and sweat only during workout sessions remain fit and built because sweating cannot be correlated to the total calorie burnt by your system. If you don’t suffer from any disease and you hit the gym a lot, you should have noticed that you tend to sweat a lot quicker than other people but you can maintain your stamina through your workout plan; studies have shown that people who are fit and healthy tend to sweat a lot faster than unhealthy people.

Let’s address the elephant in the room; sex leads to a lot of sweating and people tend to correlate sex with calories burning as well. Sex is never going to be a substitute for the gym or a good jog. The simple reason being that sex does not burn enough calories; at the most, an average sex session leads to about 25 calories being burnt. Unless you are willing to have sex throughout the day that is; sex is not going to be the best solution to become fit.

So to summarise:

1. It is a myth that the more you sweat, the more you burn calories.

2. A lot of sex doesn’t mean you burn a lot of calories.

3. An average sex session leads to about 20-25 calories being burnt.