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If you were to ask someone what the sexiest fruit on earth is, most people may turn around and say strawberries. And they are not mistaken; this quintessential fruit is an aphrodisiac and is often used during sexual activities. Strawberry is much more than just a pretty face; it is a boss when it comes to health benefits. Here in this article, we will shed some light on the massive potential of strawberries when it comes to healthy living.

The beautiful fruit has a number of health benefits; one of those key areas is in the healthy functioning of the heart. The heart tends to be a tricky organ due to both its intricate framework and extraordinary importance. Most people who are in their 20s suffer from some possible form of heart disease that may affect them to a large extent in the long run. The reason is down to the kind of lifestyle that young adults are indulging in today. The best way to combat the menace is to include strawberries in your diet. Strawberries prevent bad cholesterol from forming thereby greatly reducing the risk of strokes and heart-attacks. Strawberries also have a number of flavonoids that improve the antioxidant capacity of the heart thereby improving the blood flow tremendously. Cardiac health is of great concern, and in most cases, artificially made medication does not give a wholesome package to the health of the heart. Strawberries have a number of things going right for you; the high fibre content coupled with rich Vitamin C from the fruit greatly helps the cardiac health of the consumer. It is a bit ironic that the heart-shaped fruit is so beneficial to the heart but is often misjudged to be the representative of the emotional heart and not the physical one.


If you’re a keen observer of natural skin care products, you must have come across a bunch of them having strawberry in some form or another. Strawberries to the surprise of many are not added to skin care products just for the fragrance; they are added to skin care products due to the high Vitamin C content present in strawberries. Strawberries greatly improve the tone of the skin and improve collagen production in the skin. Improved tone coupled with collagen can greatly improve anti-ageing properties and give a fresh look to the individual who can either apply it in the form of a facial or are frequent consumers of the fruit.

With strawberries, you will look the part while having a healthy heart.