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Andrew Wilkins

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Katherine Smith

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Kevin Randall

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More than just a sexy superhero

If you were to ask someone what the sexiest fruit on earth is, most people may turn around and say strawberries. And they are not mistaken; this quintessential fruit is an aphrodisiac and is often used during sexual activities. Strawberry is much more than just a pretty face; it is a boss when it comes to health benefits. Here in this article, we will shed some light on the massive potential of strawberries when it comes to healthy living.

The beautiful fruit has a number of health benefits; one of those key areas is in the healthy functioning of the heart. The heart tends to be a tricky organ due to both its intricate framework and extraordinary importance. Most people who are in their 20s suffer from some possible form of heart disease that may affect them to a large extent in the long run. The reason is down to the kind of lifestyle that young adults are indulging in today. The best way to combat the menace is to include strawberries in your diet. Strawberries prevent bad cholesterol from forming thereby greatly reducing the risk of strokes and heart-attacks. Strawberries also have a number of flavonoids that improve the antioxidant capacity of the heart thereby improving the blood flow tremendously. Cardiac health is of great concern, and in most cases, artificially made medication does not give a wholesome package to the health of the heart. Strawberries have a number of things going right for you; the high fibre content coupled with rich Vitamin C from the fruit greatly helps the cardiac health of the consumer. It is a bit ironic that the heart-shaped fruit is so beneficial to the heart but is often misjudged to be the representative of the emotional heart and not the physical one.


If you’re a keen observer of natural skin care products, you must have come across a bunch of them having strawberry in some form or another. Strawberries to the surprise of many are not added to skin care products just for the fragrance; they are added to skin care products due to the high Vitamin C content present in strawberries. Strawberries greatly improve the tone of the skin and improve collagen production in the skin. Improved tone coupled with collagen can greatly improve anti-ageing properties and give a fresh look to the individual who can either apply it in the form of a facial or are frequent consumers of the fruit.

With strawberries, you will look the part while having a healthy heart.

Afraid of the gym? Take a swim

The gym can be an intimidating place for a lot of people. It might be because of the crowds, it could be a psychological thing, or it can be anything. To those of you who want to get fit but don’t want to hit the gym; we have got the perfect solution for you. Go for a swim instead. Swimming has a number of health benefits but also gets you fit in the process.

Gyms are prone to injuries due to the reliance on equipment to aid in the fitness process; this in itself is among the reasons why people are afraid of gyms. But the risk of injury while swimming is quite low and unless you overexert yourself; you should be safe from any form of risks. The best part of swimming is that water is a lot denser than air thereby giving you a constant work rate to master. Let us explain; water has a density that is twelve times more than air, this leads to you having to swim across the surface of the water at a constant pace. This constant motion across water tones the muscles to a great extent and also strengthens the muscle.


The most important thing that swimming builds is the core of the body. Most fitness articles will tell you to focus on strengthening the core, but there is nothing like pushing against water in a continuous motion against the resistance to build core strength. The best part about swimming is that it is accessible to almost everyone. A lot of people avoid gyms due to their physical conditions or due to diseases, but swimming is the best alternative solution to people who can’t indulge in other forms of physical activity. While we are on the topic of who should go swimming, we recommend women who have reached menopause to definitely try out swimming as a way to strengthen the bones; most women around this age find it difficult to work on a treadmill or a cycle, but the water is a great environment to exercise the muscles.

The final reason why we are gushing over swimming is that it allows you to practice yoga in the water. Yoga is extremely beneficial for the body as it has a number of health benefits. The water allows you to balance and perform a number of positions. It is the best post-workout plan to have.

Burning calories the easy way?

One of the biggest misconceptions about sweating is that people believe that the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. If that was the case, people in the tropics should automatically burn more calories than people located far away from the equatorial line. Sweating does to directly relate to the number of calories one burns but is a mere systemic reaction to either the heat present outside or due to some physiological occurrence. That is not to say that sweating is not a sign of calories being burnt; let us explain.

When you indulge in physical activities of any form, the physical exercise will result in increased sweat formation to cool your body. But say you walk down the road with blistering heat around, and by the time you reach the office, your shirt is soaked in sweat. That doesn’t mean that your body burnt the same amount of calories as someone who ran for 30 minutes. The sweating is done so as to cool down the temperature on your skin and to keep the internal temperature regulated.


There are some people who suffer from certain diseases that increase sweating and either remain unfit or fat while people who are perfectly healthy and sweat only during workout sessions remain fit and built because sweating cannot be correlated to the total calorie burnt by your system. If you don’t suffer from any disease and you hit the gym a lot, you should have noticed that you tend to sweat a lot quicker than other people but you can maintain your stamina through your workout plan; studies have shown that people who are fit and healthy tend to sweat a lot faster than unhealthy people.

Let’s address the elephant in the room; sex leads to a lot of sweating and people tend to correlate sex with calories burning as well. Sex is never going to be a substitute for the gym or a good jog. The simple reason being that sex does not burn enough calories; at the most, an average sex session leads to about 25 calories being burnt. Unless you are willing to have sex throughout the day that is; sex is not going to be the best solution to become fit.

So to summarise:

1. It is a myth that the more you sweat, the more you burn calories.

2. A lot of sex doesn’t mean you burn a lot of calories.

3. An average sex session leads to about 20-25 calories being burnt.


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